When you Change Your Mind, You Change Your Life

Have you ever really wanted something and didn’t seem to get it? Have you tried time and again to reach a goal, only to sabotage yourself at the very end?  Do you set out on a path only to experience the complete opposite of what you intended?  This is the power of your belief systems.

Belief systems drive our life.  Yes, it is great when we set out to reach a goal and we have the excitement, anticipation and knowing that we can accomplish it and it unfolds beautifully, but what happens when the complete opposite occurs?  Why does it seem the more we want something, the harder it is to get?  The answer lies within our subconscious mind, the seat of our belief systems.

Our minds are powerful instruments that create our reality.  Our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions bring about what we accomplish in life.  If we believe that we are talented musicians, we will play beautiful music.  If we believe that we are not good enough, we may fail at any lasting attempt in a job or relationship.  When it comes to reaching our intended desires, we have to look for any and all limiting belief systems and change our minds about them if we are to succeed.

If you are interested in the science behind the conscious and subconscious mind as it relates to reaching your goals, you can visit my website for the details of how this all works, but the focus of our column is the power of your beliefs, which are stored directly in your subconscious mind.

Our belief system is what we believe about ourselves and our world.  Beliefs are formed from the moment of our birth and continue to be formed each step of our life.  Belief systems stem from our upbringing, childhood, parents, peers and society. Belief systems are not rational and can’t always be supported by fact or evidence.  They are true because we believe they are true or someone else in our life believed it was true. Beliefs are ingrained deeply in our subconscious minds.  Eight five percent of our success in life is controlled by our subconscious mind.  Our beliefs are thoughts we keep thinking. When we find that we are less than successful in any area, it is wise to take a look at what thoughts and beliefs we have about this and make some positive changes in those areas.  To reach our goals, go confidently after the limiting beliefs to uncover the treasures they hold.

Use the questions below to explore any limiting beliefs you have regarding these specific areas: Your Self, Body, Diet, Exercise, Career, Home, Family, Relationships, Community, Religion/Spirituality.

Ask yourself the following:

What is my belief system in this area?

Is this true for me?

Where did this belief come from?

Is this belief moving me forward or holding me back?

Would I like to change this belief system?

If yes, how can I change this to make it more true for me?

Goal specific:

What is your goal?

What is your belief system about it?

How does it make you feel? (excited, fearful, anxious, anticipation).

Is your belief system in alignment with your goal?

If not, what will you have to change to make this goal happen?

Remember, you have the power and the right to change your belief system and time you wish to.  If you wish to change a belief system, you have to reprogram your subconscious mind.  To do this, you can start with positive thoughts and affirmations.  Repeat these throughout the day, especially in the morning and evenings.  To water these new seeds, continue to say them daily and they will grow.  Continue to water them with positive affirmations and they will flourish. Remember, beliefs are thoughts you keep thinking.  Change your dominant thoughts and they will eventually change your feelings.  When you change your feelings, you will change your beliefs and when you change your beliefs, you will change your life.

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