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Developing Your Intuition
Listening To Your Inner Voice

We all have an inner guide that leads us through life, helping us to make decisions and serving as a compass to our higher nature. Intuition involves listening deeply to oneself to arrive at knowledge without strictly relying on pure reason or logic. But sometimes this inner voice can be dulled by the “noise” of our conscious thoughts. Intuition can be re-ignited through awareness exercises, meditation, and other methods. But the most essential tool to developing intuition is trust in oneself.

To strengthen the bridge between your conscious and unconscious mind, try some of these exercises – again, remember that trusting what rises to the surface on its own is valuable; second-guessing yourself will undermine the power of your personal intuition.

* Cultivate your people-watching abilities: When out in public, observe other people. Imagine how they are feeling and what they are thinking.

* Practice predictions: Who is calling on the telephone? What will be the next song on the radio? Which horse will win the race?

* Keep a journal of your observations: Try not to have any expectations and do not judge yourself on the accuracy of your predictions. Just witness the process. If nothing comes up, just doodle or write “nothing” until something surfaces. Try writing with your non-dominant hand

* Become aware of how you best receive intuitive information: Test this by asking yourself easy “yes or no” questions and tune into the source of the answer – is it from the gut or the heart, a voice in your ear, a vision in your mind’s eye?

* Practice mindfulness: This is known in some meditation practices as shamata or vipassana. But even without formal meditation practice you can develop your sense of existing fully “in the moment”. Without this quieting of your mind, you will not have the space for your intuition to blossom.

* Play games: Old-fashioned matching games can help bring intuition to the surface (“What card will come up next?”), and new computer technology can allow your mind to follow intuitive paths in novel ways. For example a stroll through the Garden of Dreams, created by the Institute for Noetic Sciences, will test your intuitive abilities in real time.

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