The Keys to Your Dreams


“Do something. If it works, do more of it.  If it doesn’t, do something else.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt

When I think of living your dreams, it brings to mind being a child, looking out the window and day dreaming…our minds wandering freely and our imaginations running wild.  We could see our dreams spring to life before our eyes. As we age, we spend more time focusing on “what is” and less time focusing on “what if.”  At eMerge, we believe in three Keys to your dream: Science, spirit and self-work. We encourage you to commit your dreams to paper by placing them in your WindshieldTM-which represents your goals, dreams and visions. Where you want to go, what you want to do or how you want to feel.

Scientifically speaking, you are wired to succeed-as long as you’re focusing on what you want in your Windshield, and if you’re willing to use these keys to ignite changes in your life.

Key # 1: The Science of the Human Brain

Your brain actually helps you accomplish your goals, dreams and desires. The conscious mind, subconscious mind and Reticular Activating System can bring your goals to life, change your limiting belief patterns and attract what you need, and want, most. For example, place your dreams on paper (we do this at Windshield WorkshopsTM). When you look at these images, your conscious mind sends a message about your wants to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind activates the Reticular Activating System (RAS), which engages your Human Guidance System (HGS), sending a message into the Universe. Throughout the day, the Universe sends you people, situations, circumstances and opportunities that accomplish what is in your Windshield (the Law of Attraction in action).

Key # 2: Spirituality-the Human Guidance System: Your Connection to the Universe

Studies by the top universities in the world suggest that people who are in touch with their HGS experience more peace, satisfaction, joy and success. Paying attention and listening to your HGS is the most important factor in successfully reaching the goals in your Windshield.

The conscious mind thinks a thought, emotionalizes that thought and sends it to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind, using the RAS, triggers the HGS. TheHGS, in turn, sends out signals like radio waves to the Universe, transmitting messages and attracting everything that validates the original thought. Your HGS consistently gives you signs along your journey. You can feel its guidance-it’s a feeling of peace or calm in your body or gut. For negative experiences, you’ll feel a gnawing or general uneasiness.

By tapping into your HGS, you’re better connected to the Universe around you.

Key #3: Self-Work: Using every fiber of your being to move forward

Living your dreams is not passive. It’s active. That means sitting back and hoping that your spirit, mind and, body will attract your wants and you magically move forward will not work.It requires inspired action.

The self-work you do is the third Key to your success. The eMerge personal development program exercises are designed to inspire you, make you think and help you overcome all that has held you back thus far. Your inspired actions will spark new ideas and inspirations. They’ll create Windows of Opportunity. You’ll engage your conscious and subconscious minds and your HGS so that you’re running on full power. You’ll learn how to overcome Roadblocks to achieve your dreams.

Try this!

Set your intentions with kindness and openness. Imagine living your dreams. Let the feeling sink into your body. Tell yourself “I am…” or “I have…” Repeat the phrase, activating your conscious mind. Emotionalize the feeling of achieving what’s in your Windshield; bring the image to life using all your senses (this activates the subconscious mind). Once the subconscious mind is activated, it will communicate with your Human Guidance System to attract what it is you’re emotionalizing.

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