Spiritual Parenting

maddie2Raising a spiritual child is something that is shared with the entire family.  Spiritual parenting does not have to follow a particular “religion” but will teach a child to connect with themselves and others, shaping the world around them. Providing a foundation of spirituality from a young age will help develop their morals, values, behavior and increase their self-esteem.  Spiritual living gives your child a sense of belonging and provides them with tools in order to help them navigate the road of life with confidence, connection and gratitude.  Below you will find six tips to help you navigate the road to spiritual parenting:

P Praise. Show your child how important they are in your life.  Praise them for the good deeds that they have done.  Praise them for the responsibility they take in cleaning their room, helping with the dishes or getting their homework done on time.  Praising them and thanking them teaches them to pay that praise forward in their relationships.

A Appreciate.  Appreciate their uniqueness, talents and special gifts.  Allow your child to explore his/her interests and teach them to appreciate their uniqueness.  Read them stories of people who have followed their own path to success.  Talk with them about their special gifts and ask them how they want to contribute to the community and the world around them.

R Respect.  Respect their time, their boundaries and teach them to be responsible for their actions.  Have a house rule of respect.  Each person in the house will honor and respect each other and set boundaries.  As kids grow to be more independent, encourage them and give them the freedom to explore, learn, test and grow.  This is a natural part of life and will happen whether you allow them the freedom of independence or not.  Giving them a permission slip to grow, make mistakes, learn and get back on their feet will provide them with tools on the road of life.  Teach them to take responsibility for their actions, behaviors and words and balance that with respect, love, permission and consistency.

E Express love.  It is one thing to love your children and it is another thing to express that love.  Set an example for your children and express love as often as possible in your home, in action and in words.  Tell your children you love them and show affection and appreciation towards them.  Show your children that love can be expressed in many ways; by helping around the house, listening with an open ear, giving thanks and praise, laughing together and even spending time planting a garden.

N Nurture them and teach them how to make themselves happy.  Nurture your child with your presence, not your “presents”.  Children need to be nurtured, cared for, appreciated and loved.  When a child feels nurtured at home, they are more confident to try new things, conquer their fears/doubts and grow in various directions because they know they have a safe place and a support system to fall back on.  Your child will discover what makes him/her happy and content and will become more independent knowing that they are nurtured at home.  Teaching a child to realize that they can make themselves happy independent of the circumstances around them is a valuable gift you can give them.

T Time and Teaching.  Spending one on one time with your child, openly listening to them and teaching them their connection with spirit and community is the last tip on my list.  This topic can be long because it touches on so many subjects, so I will keep it short.  Time is a valuable commodity, use it wisely with your child and teach them that their time is equally as valuable and everyone’s time should be respected.  Listen with your heart (you won’t believe what they can teach you!) and teach your child to listen to theirs.  On the flip side of listening is teaching your child what I feel is the most valuable lesson you can teach them: LISTENING TO THEIR INNER VOICE.  Teach your child to listen to their inner voice/inner compass or guidance system and then show them how to follow that guidance.  Last but certainly not least, teach your child a form of Spirituality or religion.  It will provide them with a long lasting relationship to explore, nurture and develop as they raise their family in the future.  Namaste and happy parenting.




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