Workshops offered by Dr. Kel

Workshop #1: eMerge “Car Parts”:
Having trouble navigating Roadblocks? Do you have “junk in your trunk?” Are there Backseat Driver’s in your life? Join us for this interactive Workshop. We provide the inspiration, motivation and direction to get you back into your Driver’s Seat and empower you towards success. You’ll learn more about yourself and your personal relationships through the unique car analogy program and how you can apply these, and other program tools, to move forward in your life.

Workshop #2: Wheel of Life:
Is your life in balance? Do you spend more time at work and less time in your social life and relationships? Are you ignoring your own health and well-being to meet the needs of others? Life is all about balance. Balance is a choice and you are the driver. In the eMerge program, the Wheel of Life represents the many areas that you exert your time and energy. In this interactive workshop, we’ll look at your Wheel of Life, and help you determine if, and where, you’re out of balance. You will see which areas are demanding your attention and then allow you to determine ways to get your life back in balance.

Workshop #3: Your thoughts:
Do you realize you are “wired” to succeed? We are all born with the power and potential for success. This key is about your thoughts and the power of the human brain. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to utilize your potential to achieve your goals, dreams and desires by understanding how your thoughts create your reality. In addition, you’ll learn how to activate your conscious and subconscious mind, and other specialized parts of the brain, to help you move forward.

Workshop #3 Your Inner GPS:
In this workshop we teach you about a specialized car part that everyone is born with, but not everyone is in tune with. It is your inner GPS or Human Guidance System (HGS). Your HGS is your own personal GPS system, or inner compass. We all have an HGS, but do we always use it? When you utilize your HGS, you tap into a powerful force that can help propel you forward and assist you in navigating the road ahead. Are you in touch with your HGS? By using both your thoughts and your HGS, you’ll align your goals and move toward your goals. This workshop teaches you tips and techniques to tap into and utilize this amazing instrument.

Workshop #4: Laws of the Road:
The Universe is guided by a set of laws, designed to guide and govern you on your journey. This workshop walks you through key eMerge Laws of the Road. By learning, focusing and applying these laws, you’ll reap optimum benefits in your life, personal relationships, and in moving forward. Do you follow the Law of Transformation? Or recognize the effects of Law of Patterns and Law of Cause & Effect? Learn, focus and apply after attending this workshop!

Workshop #4: Reading the Signs:
Do you see signs all around you? Do you know what they mean, and how they impact your journey day-to-day? A Road Sign tells you what’s ahead. It also allows you to be proactive instead of reactive. We’ll take a look at the signs you pass on the Road of Life, and examine their true meaning. By learning to read the signs around you and understand their true message, your journey will be smoother and easier to navigate.

Workshop #5: Your Belief System:
Your belief system is what you perceive to be true in your life. Many experiences and aspects of your life form your belief system—and that system has shaped who you are today. Your belief system is what makes you unique and special. This workshop will examine what you believe, and why. You may learn some of your beliefs no longer serve you, and needs to be changed. Having the courage to change outdated beliefs will help you move forward as your true self.

Workshop #5: Your Value System:
What do you truly value? When you look at such things as your life, relationships, work, finances and health, where do you place higher value? We’ll help you assess and understand your value system and how it relates to the success and happiness in your relationships as well as the overall balance in your life.

Workshop # 6: Navigating Roadblocks and Increasing Self Worth:
Do you have trouble navigating the Roadblocks in your life? Roadblocks prevent us from moving forward and accomplishing goals, and come in many, many forms—fears, struggles, assumptions, excuses, regrets, self-doubt—the list goes on. Roadblocks challenge everyone at one point or another, but if approached correctly, they can turn into speed bumps, where you learn more about yourself, the people, places, events and things around you, and help you ultimately end up where you’re meant to go.

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