Igniting Your Inner Healer

“You have within you right now, everything you need to deal with whatever the world can throw at you.”

–Brian Tracy

With the many technological advances we have at our fingertips, we find that we can acquire answers and solutions to many of life’s struggles, heartaches and roadblocks in a click of a mouse or tuning into the TV.  Life coaches, self-help books, alternative medicine, herbal remedies and personal empowerment techniques are available now more than ever. Whether we are actually lost on the road of life or keep hitting the same roadblocks over and over, our options to move forward are endless.  With all these options, how do we know which step to take next?  Many of us are willing to listen to the advice of a self-help author, a trusted friend or even a medical professional, but disregard the wisdom, the knowledge and the “gut feelings” that reside within.  What makes us think that other people have the answers to our questions?  Many of us were brought up with the belief system that the answers to life’s problems come to us from the outside, but what we are learning from the masters of the ages is that the solutions to life’s problems actually come from the inside.  Does this suggest that you should ignore the advice of your life coach, your best friend or your doctor?  No. What this means is that it is time to IGNITE your inner healer and allow it to reveal to you the next step, then the next step on your path to joy, healing and abundance.  What is this inner healer and how do we ignite it?  Of all the technological advances today, one of the most useful and awe inspiring is the GPS in your vehicle.  Plug in any destination and a soft voice will guide you step by step from where you are now, to where you want to go.  We have within us the same technology.  I call it your Human Guidance System, or HGS.  Plug in any question, problem or roadblock and it will give us step by step instructions to reach our destination.  Most people are not “tuned into” this technology.  We continue to ask questions with our heart, the Universe continues to answer by giving us signs along the way, but we tend to dismiss those signs and listen to others instead.  When we are travelling towards our destination and have our GPS set to provide instructions, but are listening to all the passengers in our vehicle, it is more difficult to listen to the GPS at the same time.  We can get confused, overwhelmed or find the need to pull over and put the car in park for a while.  In order to hear its instructions, we have to tune out the others and tune in to our HGS.

Imagine what life could be like if you were tapped into your inner GPS, in your Driver’s Seat and heading in the direction that you would like to go.  Life moves with ease and effortlessness.  You ask, you are given, you take inspired action.  If you are interested in Igniting Your Inner Healer, take the following steps below.  We will use an example of losing weight.

Get quiet.  Take out a pen and paper and ask yourself “Where do I want to go?  What do I want to do? How do I want to feel?”  For our example above: “I want to feel healthy, vibrant, thin and energetic.”

Tap into your HGS.  This can be done by simply sitting quietly, meditating, or taking a few long, slow deep breaths.  Visualize what you want.  Bring it to life.  What does it sound like? What does it smell like? What does it look like? What does it feel like?  Your HGS listens to and is tapped into the longings of your heart.  See and feel yourself thin, confident, full of energy and healthy.

While you are in the feeling place of what you want, ask yourself “What is the easiest, most enjoyable, most useful way for me to lose weight and feel fabulous?”  Allow your HGS to scan through all the opportunities that it is aware of at the time.  As each opportunity comes up, see how it feels inside.  If it feels really good, then that is your next step.  If it feels like some else’s advice, then put it aside for now and take the inspired action.

Try it out! The more that you tap into your Inner Healer, the easier it is to use this technology and the more happy and joyful your life will become.

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