Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Q & As from my archives. Please note the names have been changed to maintain confidentiality, but feel free to read through them to gain some insight into a related health condition you may have.

If you have a health issue that you can’t uncover for yourself, I’d be happy to help you by providing some holistic and alternative options for you to get yourself back on the road to good health.  You can use the blog or if you prefer it to be confidential email me @ askdrkel@hotmail.com and I will reply in private or you can call me and we can work teamwork a plan for you.

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Q: My hands and wrist are in so much pain!  It is mostly on the right side and it is affecting my work as a data entry clerk.  I have had several doctors call it arthritis and give me NSAIDS and nothing seems to work.  Do you have any suggestions for me other than surgery?  Crystal, RI

A: Hi Crystal!  Hands represent grasping and letting go and wrists represent movement and ease.  Pain is an indication of guilt.  The right side of the body is MALE or PHYSICAL related.  Arthritis points to criticism of some sort.  I would tap into your Human Guidance System (inner healer/intuition) and look to when this pain started. Start to ask yourself some important questions: “What or who am I grasping on to?” “What do I feel guilty about in regards to a male or something physical in my life?” “What has been uneasy or preventing me from moving forward?”  “Where does the criticism come from?”.  Write these questions at the top of a piece of  paper and just start to write whatever comes to mind.  Keep writing and writing until you come up with something that feels right.  When you have that, then you are right on target to discovering the underlying causes of your hand and wrist pain.  When you get these answers, I can give you some physical, mental and emotional tools, exercises and techniques to move you forward.  Dr. Kel

Q:  Hello Dr. Kel, I have been suffering with headaches on and off for over 25 years and don’t know where to turn.  A friend of mine told me that you take a different approach.  I have tried over the counter medication, prescription medication, acupuncture, massage and various doctors.  I had a MRI that was negative and my blood work and blood pressure is normal.  The headaches are mostly on the right side of my head and I get them for days at a time.  I sometimes get visual disturbances with them.  I know you work with the mental and emotional causes and I just need to know where to start with this.  Thank you so much.  Karen, MA

A:  Hi Karen!  I have had lots of success with headaches because many of them are the direct result of how you have been thinking and feeling.   First of all, looking at your list of what you have tried, I would suggest visiting a Chiropractor to rule out any spinal misalignments and visit a nutritionist to rule out any food sensitivities.  Headaches can have a variety of mental and emotional causes: Fear, self-criticism, too much information going on in your head at the same time and resisting the flow of life.  The Right side of the body represents your MALE or PHYSICAL side.   Lets look at some of the mental and emotional causes above and start to break them down.  “Is there a male in your life that you fear or have feared?” Many times FEAR is False Expectations that Appear Real to you.  “Is there some thing you are fearing about your physical body, like a tumor or cancer or blood clot?” “Is there some part of your physical appearance that you are self-critical towards?” “Is there too much noise going around in your head about fear or self defeating thoughts?” “Are you resisting the flow of life?”  Also, “Is there something that you just can’t face or look at that has to do with a male or something physical?”   Write these questions at the top of a piece of  paper and just start to write whatever comes to mind.  Keep writing and writing until you come up with something that feels right.  When you have that, then you are right on target to discovering the underlying causes of your headaches.  When you get these answers, we can ignite your Inner Healer and come up with some mental and emotional steps to take to work with these headaches.  Dr. Kel

Q:  My name is Marta and I have been dealing with gallbladder pain for a while now.  I have changed my diet and tried some cleanses, but the pain won’t go away.  My doctor says that if the pain persists, then I will need surgery to remove it.  My husband is not so happy with this as I will be out of work and unable to bring in money.  I am the breadwinner of the family and he stays home with the kids.  I feel so pressured to get this fixed and I am not sure what to do.  I am giving myself a couple more months and then I am planning surgery.  What can you tell me about gallbladder pain?  Marta, MA

A:  Hi Marta!  Gallbladder represents resentment, bitterness and condemning thoughts.  Just reading your question and feeling your energy, I am sure that I can point you in the direction you feel these feelings, but it is best to ask these questions yourself.  “Who or what do I resent?”  “Who or what am I bitter towards?” “What condemning thoughts are surfacing and why?”  Take some time to sit by yourself and just ask each question slowly and let your thoughts wander.   Then, write down the questions on a peice of paper and answer them one by one.  I feel some anger in there as well, so you may address this emotion while you are at it.  Then ask yourself: “How do I prefer to feel?”  Write down your answer.  Ask: “What can I do right at this moment to feel this way?” and then take action to do that.  If you can’t take action at that moment, promise yourself you will do it later in the day.  Another question to ask is:  “If feeling good is my first priority, what would I be doing differently?”  You may have to do this many times throughout the day.  This is the first step on your journey.  When you figure out who and what you feel resentment and bitterness towards, we can work on some action to take in that direction as well.  Dr. Kel

Q:  Hi Dr. Kel, my name is Wendy and I am 42 years old.  I have a problem with being overweight and I’ve just had it!  I have been overweight most of my adult life and have tried all kinds of diets, including low carb/high protein, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Fit for Life, Food combining and even low calorie.  They seem to work until I lose about 15 to 20 pounds, but then the weight loss just stops and I gain some back with additional weight each and every time.  I was referred to you by a former patient who has had success with losing weight, eating what she wants and keeping it off.  I watched her transformation as she healed from the inside out and the weight seemed to fall off.  She has tried to help me with this, but I guess that I just don’t believe I can do it.  I’ve have been overweight for so long and I feel hopeless.  I don’t even know why I bother any more with this, everything I do I can’t seem to lose weight.

A.  Hi Wendy!  First off, no situation is ever hopeless.  We all have the innate power within us to succeed.  There are many factors to address when it comes to weight loss and I have been working in this field for over 22 years.  Many times weight gain is a form of protection, but it can have as many causes as there are humans.  I have seen your situation over and over again and have taught them the love, the passion and the self-care they need to succeed.  It is one of the most amazing journeys that you will ever go on…and most find it quite enjoyable!  First of all, it is never about WHAT you are eating…it is about WHAT’S eating YOU.   We work with you to uncover these blocks one layer at at time.  We turn your attention away from food and to what you are really needing at the time and teach you to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied.  There are a lot of rules and regulations we have to throw in the trash here.  Get the “junk out of the trunk”, so to speak.   Secondly, it does not matter how long you’ve had any health condition…the power is in the present moment and you can begin again today (and the next time you overeat!).  What we choose to think, say and dotoday will CREATE what we feel and experience tomorrow.   When you change your mind, you change your life.  What you are experiencing today is what you thought about and acted upon yesterday, so put that in your rearview mirror and look out your Windshield and set some daily goals.  Pay attention to your thoughts-when a negative one comes up (and they always do)-ask yourself  if you want that thought to be true for you tomorrow.  If not, let it go and think another thought.  Doing this and honoring your true hunger will start you on the road to weight loss.  Get a vision in your mind of what you want to look like, feel like and act like when you lose weight and your Human Guidance System will direct you there step by step.  Hope this helps!  If you get stuck, shoot me a line and we’ll get you back on the road to weight loss again!  Losing your pounds of pain…Dr. Kel

Q: Hi Dr. Kel, I can’t seem to get out of my own way.  This has been going on for a while and I’ve heard that you look at health issues in an “out of the box” kind of way.  My problem is common, a right sprained ankle that won’t fully heal, but I can’t get it out of my mind that I keep making it worse on an unconscious level.  I feel like I am just wandering through live, living in “neutral” and feel unfulfilled.  Just wanted to ask if you had any advice?  Thanks so much! Jane, MN

A: Hi Jane!  Believe it or not, this is a common feeling and a much more common injury.  When you have an ankle injury that won’t go away this may indicate “standing in a situation that you don’t like, but haven’t moved forward from”.  The situation can be a relationship, a job, a living environment or even a negative thought pattern.  I say “haven’t moved forward from” because YOU have complete control over this.  Nobody can make you stay in a relationship, a job or a living environment and nobody can think your thoughts but yourself.  You create your inner and outer environment.  Go ahead and write down on a piece of paper what situations you are in right now that are making you feel less than good.  Then list some idea’s that can move you forward toward living more true to yourself and your hearts desires.  This exercise will help provide you some direction, feel like you are in “drive” and help you feel more fulfilled. Many blessings!  Dr. Kel