eMerge Driver’s Test

Remember when you took your first driving test? Remember the various laws and rules you had to learn before you could get behind the wheel of a car? Well, consider this the written part of your driver’s test. This is the eMerge Driver’s Test™. There is no pass or fail. You go at your own pace and learn what you need to learn when it’s the right time.

On this journey, you will pass through five levels:

The levels are not earned by age or graded by an authority figure.  It is up to you to determine your driving level.  In the last chapter, you learned about the various parts of your vehicle—the people and things you need in your vehicle (your life) to move forward and reach your goals.

On this online form, you’ll answer some questions regarding where you are in your life.  Don’t worry.  There are no right or wrong answers.  Be honest.  No one will judge you. The goal is to get a baseline of where you are. It will become your starting point. In the next chapter, you’ll learn the Laws of the Road—the various guidelines, philosophies and empowering habits that you’ll need to learn to move ahead in life. As you mature and embrace each law with consistency, you’ll advance through the levels and reach your full potential.

eMerge Driver’s Test™

Instructions:  Some of the following questions may challenge you.  You may have to pause and think.  Take your time.  Be honest.  This test will help you determine your starting point.  Working with your PIT Crew™, you’ll know where you are now and what you’ll need to learn to get to where you want to go.  Take a deep breath.  Let’s begin.

Click the Answer for the following choices for each of the 43 Questions: Always, Most of the Time, Sometimes, Rarely, or Never.

eMerge Driver’s Test