Dr. Kel’s Calendar:

All classes are $40.00 each and you pay at the door.

You can attend whatever class you wish, depending on what you’d like to learn. The classes are interactive so you will be working with a partner. Feel free to invite a friend to class as well.

If you plan on attending a class, call or text me @ 508-813-3200 and leave your name and I will put you on the class list. Classes are one and a half hours and begin promptly at the starting time.  Feel free to email me with any questions to

Classes with be taught as follows:

Tuesday evenings from 7:00pm – 8:30pm 


Trigger Point Therapy- 3 consecutive classes taught the first 3 Tuesday’s of the month.

$40.00 per class. We will be covering the head, neck, shoulders, upper torso and lower torso throughout the month.






Other classes offered:

Balancing Body Points and physical causes of dis-ease.

Mental and emotional cause of dis-ease.

Trigger Point therapy or Myofascial Release

Energy work, pendulum work, visualization or guided meditation to clear chakras, blockages, cellular    memories or chakra reboot.