Ignite Your Mind

listen to your hgs

“Regardless of what has happened to you in your life, regardless of how young or how old you might be, the moment you begin to think properly, this something that is within you, this power within you that’s greater than the world, it will begin to emerge. It will take over your life. It will feed you, it will clothe you, it will guide you, protect you, direct you, sustain your very existence. If you let it! Now that is what I know, for sure”

Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith


The Science of the Human Brain: Igniting your Inner Healer

Does the environment control your thinking OR does your thinking control your environment?

Are you ready to ignite your Inner Healer?  Everything you need to do this is right between your ears.  We all have within us an amazing tool that, when ignited and followed, will change your health forever.  All you need is the willingness to open your mind to the powerful, scientifically proven mind-body connection that will produce continuous, positive and lasting changes in your health and healing.

It is a scientific fact that your health condition, present circumstances and excess weight is not a result of your diet, exercise regime or genetic makeup.   Your thoughts, feelings and emotions directly and specifically affect all of your bodily functions, including heart rate, metabolism, digestion, and organs.  We have all felt the difference in our bodies when we have periods of stress, uncertainty and anxiety.  We have all felt more at ease when we experienced joy, peace and gratitude.  As we experience each emotion, it is encoded into our organ systems.  Each organ has an emotion associated with it.  Liver is associated with anger.  Gallbladder is associated with resentment.  Sinus pain is associated with an aggravation to a person or a situation over a long period of time.  Our bodies give us clues to how we have been thinking, feeling and acting.   When we can interpret what our bodies are telling us, we can begin the healing process.

Our bodies are our best authority when it comes to our health and healing.   We all have within us an Inner Healer, ready to be ignited and ready to go to work for us.  The reason our bodies experience ill health, dis-ease and weight gain is because it is trying to alarm us to make changes in our life.  It is giving us clues that our current life conditions, our thoughts, our feelings and our actions are not in our best interest.

My job is to help you to interpret what your body is expressing, show you how to reconnect to your Inner Healer and give you a permission slip to follow its guidance.  Your body knows what it needs to heal in each and every situation.  Your Human Guidance System or Inner Healer is your health expert and will continue to give you dependable guidance along the way.  It will direct you to the perfect doctors, therapies, nutrition and foods for each specific ailment.   If you are ready to experience continuous, positive, and lasting health changes, it is time to ignite your Inner Healer with the scientifically proven mind-body connection.

Your miraculous brain:

Your brain is a complex, miraculous organ that has been studied since the beginning of time.  With more research and knowledge coming to light every year, we now have a greater awareness and understanding on how the brain functions and how it helps us accomplish our goals, dreams and desires.  In this case, altering our health and our healing.

The brain is much too complex to cover in its entirety. Instead, we’re going to focus your attention on three areas of your brain that are most important to changing your health and healing: the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the Reticular Activating System.

When used to their utmost potential, together they can bring your healing to life, change your limiting belief patterns of the past and attract what you need to heal to you in each and every area of your life.

The Conscious and Subconscious Minds

Healthy people aren’t healthy because they’re luckier, more active, eat better or smarter than you. They’re healthy because they’ve mastered the power of their conscious and subconscious minds.  How many people do you know that eat anything they want, never exercise and continuously get a clean bill of health?  How about the others who eat impeccably, exercise daily and fall dead of a heart attack?  Our health is related to our thoughts, our feelings and our emotions.  When we change our mind, we change our life.  Are you ready to learn more about the incredibly powerful organ we take for granted?  Read on!

Your conscious mind is the command center. It analyzes situations, makes decisions and forms conclusions. It has the ability to think, decide and act. It’s the rational side of your brain—it accepts or rejects the information it receives. You’re using your conscious mind when you learn a new skill, type an email, make a phone call or read the words on this page.   When you are reading about a certain health issue, you are using your conscious mind.

Your subconscious mind acts on the orders issued by the conscious mind. It does not judge. It does not differentiate from right or wrong. It’s the hired gun of the conscious mind. It carries out whatever the conscious mind says. The subconscious mind operates all the systems in your body like the digestive, circulatory and respiratory. If you put your hand on a hot stove, your subconscious mind will register that it’s hot and within milliseconds pull your hand back, sometimes without even acknowledging anything consciously. They work together well.

The subconscious mind is important in reaching your health goals, because it emotionalizes your thoughts. When you emotionalize a thought, you give it some character and bring it to life.  For example, if you step on the scale in the morning and it tells you that you lost five pounds, you emotionalize that thought when you say, “I look great!”

The conscious mind reads the scale and reacts, and if you add emotion, it sends it on to your subconscious mind, creating a feeling. Your subconscious mind, in turn, acts on the “I feel great” emotionalized thought and then you attract situations or people who validate your great feeling.  This can also work against your favor. If you step on the scale and it didn’t move, and you have a conscious thought that creates a  reaction with emotion, then your subconscious mind will create a different feeling, and you may feel powerless, helpless and ‘less than’. This will then attract situations or people who will validate your ‘less than’ feeling.

Another example of this is when you get a diagnosis, you start to emotionalize it right away.  Your conscious mind goes to work and reads everything it can in books, the internet and listens to other people who have it.   Doing this emotionalizes your condition even more, adding character, making a story and bringing it to full light.  Your thoughts become things.  Your cells are reacting to your mind.  They do not judge, they can go either way.

The best thing you can do when you get a diagnosis is to get informed about the condition and then go to work on finding all the cases and asking all the questions of the people who have overcome and are now free of this dis-ease.   Focus on the positive results they had and believe you can have those too.  Our mind is very powerful and our cells are only reacting to what we are telling them to do.  But first you need to be aware of what is going on, then you have to believe it is possible to heal.  Surrounding yourself with postive influences, case studies and success stories will keep your mind focused in the right direction.

When you activate your subconscious mind, you will be tapping into an amazing part of our brain called the Reticular Activating System.  We will talk about this below, but it is like an antenna that is connected the Universe to bring you solutions to support whatever you are questioning in your mind.   Let’s say you got diagnosed with arthritis.  All of a sudden you see websites, people, billboards, articles, etc. on the subject of arthritis.  This is how our brain goes to work for us.  It brings our attention to all the situations around us that have to do with arthritis so we can learn more about it.  We will talk about this next part later, but our job is to list all the solutions out there on arthritis, ignite our Inner Healer (and it has all the answers within) and follow the ones that FEELS best to us.

With the conscious mind analyzing all the sights, sounds and information you encounter everyday, you’d think that it would have the most power. Actually, the conscious mind only uses 15 percent of your mind power. The subconscious mind, on the other hand, makes up 85 percent of your mind power.

Stop and think about that for a moment. Your subconscious mind, the part of your brain that stores every emotionalized thought and memory, makes up the bulk of your processes.

This is why you have difficulty moving past roadblocks or memories from your childhood. If you were told something unpleasant—or had a traumatic experience— and it was emotionalized, those thoughts and actions became programmed into your subconscious mind.

It is important to tap into the full potential of your brain. To be at optimum health, you’ll have to get the conscious and subconscious minds working together. When you fully engage the conscious and subconscious minds, you can achieve your wellness goals and override the unpleasant programs (negative thinking, low self-worth) that have been ingrained by your past experiences.  You rewire your brain by working with the exercises, reflection work and tools contained in our eMerge how-to program, Are You in Your Driver’s Seat?


A short comparison of the conscious and subconscious minds:

  •  Your conscious mind is only aware of small amounts of information at a time. Your subconscious mind is aware of everything else. 
  • Your conscious mind is chronological and likes to have logical order. Your subconscious mind processes simultaneously and can multi-task.
  • Your conscious mind does your intellectual thinking. Your subconscious mind does your perceiving and is responsible for your feelings.  
  • Your conscious mind is only aware of the now. Your subconscious mind is unlimited and holds all your previous memories.
  • Your conscious mind will let you know when you are right because the facts line up. Your subconscious mind will tell you when you’re right because it will feel right.
  • Your conscious mind uses the intellect to come up with logical solutions for problems. Your subconscious mind has access to inner resources from memories and experiences.
  • Your conscious mind can voluntarily move parts of your body. Your subconscious mind can involuntarily move parts of your body.  
  • Your conscious mind controls higher thinking and is analytical. Your subconscious mind acts as a servant and is literal—it’s like a computer program and does exactly what it’s programmed to do. (For example, did you ever let your mind wander when you were driving home? Did you wonder how you made it home safely and parked as always? That’s because the subconscious mind works with repetition.)

The Reticular Activating System (RAS)

Almost anyone can relate to this: You start looking for a new car, a sapphire blue SUV with all the bells and whistles, complete with moon roof, satellite radio and the special tow package—just in case a boat and a lake house is in your future. This is your dream car. It’s unique. It’s you.

Except, all of the sudden, there it is. Your car. At every intersection. In every parking garage. On every street corner. Suddenly, people are driving the exact same car as your dream car. You never saw these cars before. Why now?

It’s called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) and is part of your brain that automatically filters out what’s not important to you and brings to your attention to the things that are important. The RAS is a network of cells in the brain, which act as electrical switches that filter and screen information we receive from the environment around us.

The RAS is actually a part of your subconscious mind. It’s located between the medulla oblongata and the midbrain. It’s the attention center of the brain and is believed to be the center of arousal and motivation in humans and animals. The RAS is the “key” that ignites parts of the brain to work together.

Use the RAS to ignite the Law of Attraction

The RAS makes the Law of Attraction (like attracts like) work its magic. We get what we focus on and we create what we think about because the RAS works.

We all have an RAS. Any mom will tell you they can pick their child’s cry out of dozens of cries. She can wake from a deep sleep when her child whimpers in the night, but not wake when a truck rumbles past her window, or a storm cracks with thunder and lightening.

When we think about something and add desire or emotion to the thought, the RAS sorts the information into what is relevant and useful to our goal, and what is not. If the information is useful, the RAS retains the information. If it’s not, then the RAS ignores it.  Just like example above with the arthritis, when we focus on the arthritis, we see more of it in our environment.  This is your bodys way of showing you that it is paying attention, showing you solutions and asking you to make some choices using your Inner Healer, part of your Human Guidance System.

The RAS works closely with your spirit—your Human Guidance System. When you emotionalize a thought, your HGS goes out to the Universe and draws in the people, places and circumstances that you need to reach your destination. (These people, places and circumstances appear as your Windows of Opportunity.)  We all have within us a HGS, whether you are spiritual or not.  It is that gut instinct, that inner knowing or hunch.  Part of our HGS is our Inner Healer.  Your body has within it everything it needs to heal.  We just have to tap in, listen, and follow its direction.  It may lead us to a doctor, an article, a supplement, a therapy or a program.  Our job is to do what feels right at the moment, just like the GPS system in your car.  It may lead us from one place to another, one healing modality to another, or one doctor to another.  You follow your feelings and they will guide you to the next step and the next step.

Puppy love and the Law of Attraction: Here’s an example of your RAS in action: A cute and lovable Maltese puppy caught your eye a few weeks ago and you’ve been thinking about adopting one ever since. You research the Maltese breed. And you emotionalize what it would be like to have one and the joy it will bring you.

Next thing you know, you’re seeing Maltese puppies everywhere. On television. Your co-worker is showing everyone pictures of her sister’s new Maltese puppy. Your neighbor walks one down the street. You begin to wonder where all the Maltese puppies are coming from, especially because you hadn’t noticed them before.

Well, the Maltese puppies were always there. It’s just that the puppies weren’t on your radar screen because your RAS deemed that information unimportant and filtered it out of your brain.

Your RAS ignites your HGS. Your HGS goes out to the Universe and brings back an opportunity for you to adopt a Maltese puppy. A couple days later, your neighbor—the one who walks the Maltese puppy up and down your street—tells you that she knows someone who has a litter of Maltese puppies, and are you interested? You are. You see the puppy, and you adopt it.

Watch out! The RAS attracts the negative, too: If your conscious mind emotionalizes a negative thought, your RAS will trigger your HGS and you’ll attract negative situations. For example, let’s say that the scale tells you that you’ve gained five pounds. You emotionalize that thought with a comment like, “I feel fat, ugly and unloved.” Your RAS will trigger your HGS and before you know it, you’re attracting people and situations that validate the “fat and ugly” thoughts.

Changing your thoughts and you change what you attract

There’s a reason why people who preach positive thinking for a living are successful. That’s because it works. Positive thinking attracts positive things and people in your life. Research shows that eternal optimists are happier, healthier and more satisfied in life.

If you find that you’re attracting negative situations and people in your life, then work to change your conscious thoughts. Slowly repeat the positive thoughts to yourself until you emotionalize the thought. Make sure that you feel the positive thought in your body. (You’ll know you’re feeling the positive thoughts in your body when your shoulders relax, your tummy calms down or your muscles relax.)

Your subconscious mind will take its marching orders and trigger the RAS and the HGS. Your HGS will go out to the Universe and bring positive situations and people your way.  When it comes to your health and healing, triggering your RAS with thoughts of better health, more energy and ongoing positive change, your HGS will bring you ideas and inspirations in the form of doctors, supplements, exercises, food or various techniques to try.  Your body knows how to heal, you just have to tap in, listen to it and then take its direction.