Moving Forward in the New Year

Every year people make New Year’s resolutions. Some may want to lose weight, change jobs, save money, finish school, or get married. A new year is a new beginning! With a new found resolve to move forward in 2015, how can you be sure to achieve your resolutions, or goals? And, more importantly, are you balancing all areas of your life that you want to see progress in? As we look forward into the New Year, it becomes increasingly important to not only focus any resolutions on your physical health, but also focus on your mental and emotional well being, your Body, Mind and Spirit.

Some ways to balance your Body, Mind and Spirit may include reading a good book, taking a workshop or yoga class, attending religious services, exploring your creativity with an art or pottery class, or investing time in a meaningful relationship. To find balance, first it’s helpful to set goals of what you want to accomplish in specific areas of your life. Since a new year is the perfect time for making resolutions to improve certain aspects of yourself or your life, consider this question: What’s in yourWindshield?TM

eMerging and Moving Forward. At eMerge, the Windshield represents your goals, dreams and visions. Where you want to go, what you want to do, or how you want to feel. The Windshield is large, limitless, and expansive and forces you to look in one direction-forward. Have you ever jumped in a car and immediately looked in the Rearview Mirror? Or do you first look out the Windshield and your Side Windows? If your Windshield is looking forward at your goals, then looking in the Rearview Mirror means you’re looking at your past-it represents the sum total of all your past experiences, including adolescence and childhood. It’s small and reflective for a reason-to convey information about where you’ve been-so you can move forward safely. Don’t spend your time focusing on the past! To truly achieve your goals and dreams, you must stay present and focus on the future.

I believe everyone has unlimited potential to be the person they were meant to be. I also believe that everyone has the potential to change themselves, their circumstances, and open doors for their greatest good. The road to self-discovery and becoming the Driver in your own life starts with looking out your Windshield, and mapping where you want to go. Every day is a new journey. An exciting adventure! Where DO you want to go? Who do you want to take with you? How will you get there? What will your new destination look like, feel like, and smell like?

Is Your Life in Balance?

To get to your ultimate destination, it’s important to live a life of balance.  Consider a few questions:

o Are you stuck in a rut?

o Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed out?

o Do you just react to life versus actively creating the life you want?

o Are you neglecting yourself or friends/family?

o Do you live in, or focus, on the past?

o Is your life in balance?

As you become the Driver in your life, think about your steering wheel. I call it the Wheel of Life. There are 10 areas that comprise of your Wheel of Life, and it’s essential that you balance these areas: Personal Growth, Health, Career/Work, Creativity, Finances, Learning/Education, Spirituality, Family/Home, Relationships, and Social Life. There are times in your life things happen and situations may change that are out of your control.  Do you take the time to re-evaluate your life at these moments?  A change of circumstance can be fearful at times, but the best way to conquer that fear is to have a plan and be prepared for the future.  Re-examining your Wheel of Life in times of change is a great way to reassess your life and where you are spending your time and energy, in order to examine what and where changes can be made.

As you strive to balance Body, Mind and Spirit, think of the steering wheel controlling the direction you want to go. By proactively controlling your Wheel, keeping yourself in balance, you’re able to look forward out your Windshield at your goals, rather than being reactive to events in your life that cause imbalance.  Keep in mind, balance does not mean doing everything on your list! Rank your priorities and set boundaries along the way.

If you ever need assistance finding balance in your life, or determining what’s in your Windshield, the eMerge team is here  to facilitate opening doors. Whether through a scheduled Windshield Workshop, where you map out your goals and dreams in your own personal Windshield, to our Winter Workshop Series-individual workshops designed to focus on one aspect of you and your life, to help you understand where you’re at and how to move forward. Balance is easily within reach!


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